Know Your Rights

You have a legal right to have your car repaired where you choose. Naturally, we would recommend a Manufacturer Approved Body Shop where Manufacturer repair methods are followed, Manufacturer approved paint systems are used and 100% genuine parts are guaranteed to be fitted during the repair process.

It is your choice where your vehicle gets repaired

Gillibrand Accident Repair Centre are recognised by some of the countries leading insurance companies which helps us in dealing with your claim even if we aren’t your insurance companies ‘approved repairer’. All we need you to do is:

  • Report the claim to your insurance company
  • Tell them that Gillibrand Accident Repair Centre is your chosen repairer
  • Get a claim/reference number
  • Contact us and we will do the rest

If you are told by your insurer that you must use an alternative repairer, always ensure that they are Manufacturer Approved for your vehicle and NOT simply Insurance Approved. Insurance approved repairers concentrate on providing economical repairs where as Gillibrand Accident Repair Centre pride ourselves on quality.

When reporting the claim to your insurance company, please do not be fooled if they tell you we will not lend you a courtesy car or the work will not be guaranteed. This is not true. All of our work is guaranteed and we lend our courtesy cars to whom ever we choose.

Remember, it is your car, you choose who repairs it.