LEXUS Approved Car Body Repair Centre

LEXUS Approved Repair Shop

Gillibrand Accident Repair Centre in Blackburn is a prestige LEXUS Approved Body shop. The LEXUS Approved Body shop status means that we are a repairer recommended by LEXUS to carry out body and paint repairs on the vehicles that they manufacture.

Gillibrand Accident Repair Centre is one of the few repairers in the UK that are authorised and qualified to carry out both Structural Steel and Structural Aluminium repairs. Some LEXUS vehicles contain structural aluminium body panels, and it is obviously essential, in the event of an accident, that any repair to these panels is carried out by LEXUS Approved competent repairers.

The whole LEXUS Approved Repairer Programme is designed to ensure we provide high quality vehicle repairs and excellent customer service and we are audited each year by independent auditors to ensure we meet the required LEXUS standards.

There are many benefits to LEXUS vehicle owners if they choose a LEXUS Approved repairer like Gillibrand to repair their vehicle, and these include:

  • A quality replacement car can be provided (if required and subject to availability)
  • Only use genuine LEXUS parts
  • LEXUS approved paint and materials are used on every job
  • The same special tools and equipment as used by LEXUS
  • Our technicians and several of the management team are continuously trained by LEXUS
  • LEXUS manufacturer repair methods are followed on every repair
  • We use LEXUS diagnostic equipment to do pre and post repair checks
  • We will recalibrate ADAS features on your vehicle using LEXUS approved equipment
  • Once repairs are completed, we will provide you with a LEXUS Repair Guarantee Certificate
  • We have many decades of experience in carrying out car body shop accident repairs

Your opinion is really important to us and we would love to receive feedback on our service. A few days after your car is returned to you, there will be a short survey invitation sent via email. We would really appreciate it if you could complete this for us so we can endeavour to keep providing the best service we can.

It is worth remembering that, in the event of an accident, you have the right to choose where your vehicle gets repaired so if you drive a LEXUS and want the reassurances that a LEXUS Approved Repairer can give, make sure you contact us first as it is highly unlikely that your Insurance Company will direct you to a LEXUS approved repairer.

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